Services of psychological support and learning disorders

Service of psychological support (SAPCO)

The Service of Psychological Support is functioning at the ADSU premises. It is open to all UdA students and deals with identifying their needs and possible psychological obstacles detected during their university studies, providing them with adequate support/clarification in crisis/distressing situations (difficulty in study methodology, interpersonal relationships, problems of social integration, etc.).SAPCO acts in an exclusively reserved manner free of charge, identifies the resources of each student and promotes the achievement of academic goals to facilitate the process of self-reliance and to enhance the quality of life.The service offers:

  • Support Centre;
  • Individual and/or group career guidance;
  • Co-ordination among tutorial activities;
  • Study groups;
  • Interactive collaboration with the services of Orientation, Disability, Learning Disorders and Placement.
Services for learning disorders (DSA)

The Service for DSA (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and dysorthography) for the students of the ‘G. D’Annunzio’ University is functioning at the ADSU premises, where specialised operators offer free consulting and measures aimed at improving students’ integration and quality of life.The DSA Service, in view of both individual confidentiality and effective inclusion, offers different activities aimed at identifying and overcoming the learning, psychological and social problems in order to achieve the academic goals and to ensure equal opportunities of study.The service offers:

  • First reception of students;
  • Specific consultancy in order to develop response strategies;
  • Metacognition workshops (study groups, individual and group student training);
  • Activities of reconciliation between teaching staff and students on issues that promote inclusion;
  • Interactive collaboration with the services of Orientation, Counselling, Disability and Placement;
  • Scheduled meetings at Secondary Schools of II Grade for teachers and students of the last two years.
Where We Are Located
  • Chieti site: Viale Unità d’Italia 32/A, Chieti. Tel. 0871.561740 (interno 228)
  • Pescara site: Viale Guglielmo Marconi 189, Pescara Tel. 085.4549592