Governing Council 2014-2016

Costantino Tiziano Zuccarini; president;
Loredana Ferracuti, Vice president, contact person for Chieti partners;
Simona Alberici, Vice president, contact person for Pescara partners;
Angela Di Fabio, secretary;
Marino Di Paolo, treasurer;
Renato Barbacane, travelling abroad promoter;
Luigi Fusella, activities for employees’ children;
Piero De Bonis, ANCIU contact person;
Mario D’Alessandro, Director of Culture Sector;
Paolo SACCHETTA, Chieti teaching staff contact person;
Giuseppe DI BUCCHIANICO,Pescara teaching staff contact person.

Board of Auditors – Statutory Auditors
Fausta Mantini
Alessio Peca
Gianluca Di Sante.
Sector Director:
Tennis: Valero Monti;
Cycling: Gino Di Meo;
Ski: Fabrizio Caiano;
Five-a-side football: Alessio Peca.


The creation of the Circolo ricreativo dannunziano (CRAD) (D’Annunzio University recreational club) dates back to 1986. It was born to promote cultural growth and social relations among employees, creating projects to promote cultural, recreational, tourist and sports activities. The promoters of the club, which so far has played an intense and rich programme, were: Marco Napoleone, Gaetano ‘Tanino’ Rosa, Maria Cristina Forlani, Adriano Antonucci, Francesco Nicolosi, Franco Di Giacomo, Vincenzo Ruggeri, who unfortunately died prematurely and Filippo ‘Lillo’ Di Donato, who died in a tragic car accident in 1996.

Upon incorporation, the following positions were assigned: Vincenzo Ruggeri president, Marco Napoleone vice president, Tanino Rosa secretary. After five months, the promoters of the Club resigned to hold elections of the statutory bodies for the two-year period from 1986 to 1988. Voting took place on 15 November 1986 and the following members were elected: Tanino Rosa, Paolo Ricci, Maria Cristina Forlani, Adriano Antonucci, Filippo Di Donato, Franco Di Giacomo, Vincenzo Ruggeri, Angelo Faraone and Marco Napoleone. The elected Statutory Auditors were: Mario Castropaolo, Paolo Costantini and Mario Castiglione: Francesco Di Marzio and Giovanni Pasqualone, alternate auditors. Then, on 27 November 1986, the Governing Council appointed: Vincenzo Ruggeri, president; Marco Napoleone, vice president; Tanino Rosa, Secretary; Mario Castropaolo, president of the Statutory Auditors.
On 3 December 1986, the Governing Council set up the following committees and their directors:

  1. Ecology committee: Adriano Antonucci
  2.  Cultural projects committee: Maria Cristina Forlani
  3. Musical projects committee: Maria Cristina Forlani
  4. Educational trips and leisure time committee: Filippo Di Donato
  5. Promotional activities committee: Vittorio Cantorese e Paolo Ricci
  6. Press committee: Mario D'Alessandro e Mario Pasotti
  7. Sports committee with the following disciplines:
    Game fishing - Angelo Faraone
    Football - Angelo Faraone  e Dante Di Credico
    Skeet shooting - Giancarlo Cetrullo
    Ski - Paolo Cetrullo
    Tennis - Francesco Di Marzio

In November 1988, the statutory bodies were renewed for the two-year period 1988-90 and were elected:
for the Statutory Auditors:
alternate auditors:

The Governing Council then elected Rector Uberto Crescenti as honorary president; Mario D'Alessandro as president, Adriano Antonucci as vice president and Tanino Rosa as secretary.
In November 1991, the statutory bodies were renewed and the members to the Governing Council were elected as follows:
Mario D'Alessandro, President and Tanino Rosa, secretary were confirmed.
Upon constitution of the CRAD, besides appointing positions, the Statute was drawn up too, which over the years has been updated and adapted to the new functional requirements and the different operational prospects, always in the fulfilment of decisions of the shareholders.
The activities of CRAD, in its first years, were made possible thanks to the annual contribution by the University administration which ranged between 20 and 40 million, with the obligation to render an annual account and to settle invoices and payments by the Accounting Department of the University.
Since the early years and after Prof. Vincenzo Ruggieri passed down the presidency to Mario D'Alessandro, the CRAD, thanks to the efforts of the secretary in charge, Tanino Rosa, decided to adhere to the National Coordination of the University recreational clubs, chaired by Angelo Pupella from ‘La Sapienza’ University of Rome.