Award of qualifications

PhD is awarded when students pass the final exam. The final thesis can be written in a foreign language, with the approval of the Board of Teachers. The title page of the thesis should be drafted using the downloadable model in this document.
The Board of Teachers authorises, upon request, the release of additional certification of Doctor Europaeus (form downloadable below) when the following conditions are met:

  • positive resolution on the thesis granted by at least two referees, appointed by the Board, belonging to foreign universities of two different EU countries (professor or researcher). The reports of the referees will be attached to the minutes of the final examination for the candidate;
  • presence in the Final Exam Committee of at least one member from a EU university (professor or researcher);
  • a part of the thesis defence must be made in a language of the European Union other than the native language of the country where the doctorate is awarded;
  • the thesis must be the result of a period of work and research done abroad during at least 3 months in a EU country.

At the end of the PhD programme, the candidate to the final exam must submit the thesis to the Board of Teachers that, by 14 January 2015 will, with its own resolution, assess the activities carried out by the doctorate student in the years of the course and express an eligibility resolution for the final exam.
Doctorate students of last year (academic year 2014) and those who had forwarded the request for an extension last year must submit by 21 January 2015 the admission application for the final exam. The application must also enclose a bank receipt of payment of € 80.00 (MAV document), for the release of the diploma.

By the date of completion of the final exam deliver to the Technical Secretariat of the School of Advanced Studies 3 copies of the final thesis, of which 2 copies, as required by Art. 6 paragraph 11 of the Ministerial Decree No. 224 of 30 April 1999, for the deposit at the National Libraries of Rome and Florence, for consultation and preservation and 1 copy + a summary (abstract) in Italian and in English for the School of Advanced Studies. These copies must be delivered to the School of Advanced Studies compulsorily on optical media (CD or DVD), together with the approval form concerning the compliance of copies delivered, the Abstract and release.

Technical specification of optical media

The cover contained in the media must necessarily have the following data:

  • Header of University
  • Department
  • Doctorate
  • Cycle
  • Thesis title
  • Applicant’s name
  • Coordinator
  • Tutor (or tutors)
  • Academic years of attendance
  • SSD – Scientific disciplinary sector code (to identify your SSD consult link)
  • The digital format of the thesis must be in PDF
  • The medium must also contain any additional files necessary for the readability of the text (fonts, images, tables, etc.)
  • The medium must contain only one thesis.
  • The medium should not be copy-protected.
  • The medium must be in a special hard case (jewel box).

For proven reasons that do not allow the presentation of the thesis on time, the Rector, at the proposal of the Board of Teachers, can admit the candidate to the final exam in derogation from terms fixed for 12 months and, as of the cycle XXIX, for 6 months.
In case the course is not initiated, also elsewhere.
The extension is understood without any extension of the scholarship.

Diploma issuance

To get the diploma related to the achievement of the PhD, you must submit the following documents to the Administrative Office of the School of Advanced Studies:

  • application form
  • proof of payment of the issuance fee of € 80.00, to be made by bank credit transfer (MAV document)
  • stamp duty of € 16.00 (to be delivered only upon collecting the diploma).
  • If the degree was achieved before 1999, in order to request that a diploma is issued, consult this page.