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Orientation and Welcoming Service for Students with Disabilities (SOASD)

The service is the doorway to the entire process dedicated to a first analysis of the needs of students with disabilities by identifying the needs and problems related to their disability which may interfere with the learning process.
By providing assistance to identify the course of study that best suits the abilities/skills and the type of disability; by accompanying the transition from Secondary school into University; by helping in the use of the benefits/services already paid by the university; by supporting the integration into the teaching and learning settings, aimed to an active participation in the courses; by arranging personalised activities according to the problems related to both type and degree of the disability and the specific learning needs of each individual student.

Contact person
Dr. Valentina Sforza
Information and appointments: soasd@unich.it – tel. +39 0871/3555213

Useful numbers

In order to provide students with disabilities with an integral service of orientation, care and inclusion within the university world, the planning of actions tailored to the needs of each individual is articulated through the following organisation:

University Committee for Orientation and Disability Services
Rector’s Delegate for the activities in the Orientation and Disability Services:
Prof. Mario Fulcheri
tel. +39 0871/3555214
fax +39 0871/3555212
e-mail: mfulcheri@unich.it

  • Department of Medicine and Aging Sciences
    Prof. Cosima Schiavone
    tel. +39 0871/358576-969
    e-mail: cschiavone@unich.it
  • Department of Neurosciences and Imaging
    Prof. Cosimo Del Gratta
    tel. +39 0871/3554610
    e-mail: cosimo@unich.it
  • Department of Psychological, Humanistic and Territorial Sciences
    Prof. Michela Cortini
    tel. +39 0871/3554406/6601
    e-mail: cortini@unich.it
  • Department of Medical and Oral Sciences and Biotechnologies
    Prof. Cosima Schiavone
    tel. +39 0871/358576-969
    e-mail: cschiavone@unich.it
  • Department of Experimental and Clinical Sciences
    Prof. Patricia Giuliani
    tel. +39 0871/3554010
    e-mail: p.giuliani@dsb.unich.it
  • Economics Department
    Prof. Luigia Petti
    +39 085/45083218
    e-mail: l.petti@unich.it
  • Department of Legal and Social Sciences
    Prof. Carmelita Della Penna
    tel. +39 0871/3556598
    e-mail: c.dellapenna@unich.it
  • Architecture Department
    Prof. Domenico Potenza
    tel. +39 085/4537360
    e-mail: domenico.potenza@tin.it
  • Department of Business Administration
    Prof. Eva Leccese
    tel. +39 085/4537893
    e-mail: e.leccese@unich.it
  • Department of Philosophical, Pedagogical and Economic-Quantitative Sciences
    Prof. Carmen Pagliari
    tel. +39 085/4537585
    e-mail: c.pagliari@unich.it
  • Pharmacy Department
    Prof. Marialuigia Fantacuzzi
    tel. +39 0871/3554684
    e-mail: m.fantacuzzi@unich.it
  • Department of Literature, Arts and Social Sciences
    Prof. Patrizio Domenicucci
    tel. +39 0871/3556445
    e-mail: domenic@unich.it
  • Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures
    Prof. Maria Rita Leto
    tel. +39 085/4537854
    e-mail: mritaleto@unich.it
  • Department of Engineering and Geology
    Prof. Sergio Montelpare
    tel. +39 085/4537258
    e-mail: s.montelpare@unich.it
  • Orientation, Tutorship and Placement sector
    Dr. Giovanni Giannini
    tel. +39 0871/3556345
    e-mail: orientamento@unich.it - g.giannini@unich.it
  • Agency for the Right to University Education - Chieti
    Dr. Mario Vaccarili
    +39 0871/561740
    e-mail: mario.vaccarili@adsuch.it