The services currently provided can be schematically described as:

Personalised aid to entrance exams

only upon specific request.

Administrative assistance

Secretariats help students with disabilities to prepare and fill in all types of administrative documents: admissions, scholarships, enrolment in the following years, request for certificates, exonerations from university tuition fees*, exemption from regional ‘Right to University Education’ (DSU) fee** (as regards the latter, the following criteria are emphasised):

  • Exemption from university fees and contributions: ‘…Students with disabilities or handicapped persons whose disability percentage is equal to or greater than 66% are also fully exempted from any university fees and contributions, with the exception of the contribution related to the degree diploma, upon submission of relevant certificate issued by the Local Health Authority (ASL) to which they belong. The benefits granted to students whose disability is 66 percent or above (full exemption from paying university fees related to registrations/enrolments) are valid for nine semesters for degree courses, seven semesters for master’s degree courses and fifteen semesters for single-cycle degree courses. For students whose disability is 66 percent or above enrolled in courses activated before the coming into force of Italian Ministerial Decree No. 509 of 3rd November 1999, the duration of the benefits granted is equal to the number of years of legal duration of the course plus two, with reference to the first year of enrolment’. For further details, please consult the ‘Guide to University Fees System’.
  • Exemption from Regional Fees: To remove all physical or psychological obstacles that may prevent students belonging to the categories described in Art. 2 of Italian Act No. 118 of 30th March 1971 from fulfilling their academic obligations, the ADSU establishes the following provisions in favour of the students who have been recognised a degree of disability equal to or greater than 66%: exemption from regional DSU fees; 30% increase in the amount of the scholarship for the beneficiary student; 30% of the money assigned but not yet paid to the student who is actually included in the list. The extraordinary contribution is also granted to students whose handicap is equal to or greater than 66%, upon request, subject to the submission of the relevant documentation for enrolment to the Students Register, having a certificate stating the degree of disability and fulfilling the merit/income requirements for the allocation of a scholarship.
Magnetic card access to internal parking lots

Students with disabilities, after submitting a request, can obtain the appropriate magnetic card to access the internal parking lots of the university campuses of Chieti and Pescara.

Personal Assistance

The University provides students with disabilities, upon request, with physical assistance and assistance in classrooms, libraries, the secretariats of the university campuses and canteens.

Learning Assistance

The University provides students with disabilities, upon request, with a service of personalised aid during classes (note taking) as well as exams, and of collaborative support for study, research and cultural activities (finding books, photocopies and hand-outs filling in, bureaucratic activities, direct contacts with teachers and other staff members).

Trained tutor

Students with disabilities, upon specific request and subsequent fact-finding interview on appointment, may apply for some teaching methodology supplementary to the ordinary one (additional lessons, seminars, tutorials) so that an egalitarian university process is attained.

All requests must be submitted to the Orientation, Tutorship and Placement sector, ‘G. D'Annunzio’ University (Building of the Student Offices, campus on via dei Vestini, Chieti Scalo, tel. +39 0871 3556009-6345, fax +39 0871 3556038).